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What is the most common birthday in the United States?

September 12th

by Jill

I thought this was a fascinating chart put together by Bo Mcready (@boknowsdata on Twitter) and shared on Reddit.


Using birth data in the US between 2000-2014, September 12th seemed to be the most common birthday with September, as a whole, being very popular (people love to get down around the holidays it seems). The least common dates were Christmas (12/25), New Years (1/1), Christmas Eve (12/24) and Independence Day (7/4). Obviously this data is shaped by the rising popularity of c-sections over the past decades. I would love to see this chart using international data from different countries which do more natural births. Let us know if you have seen this anywhere and we will repost it!


And in addition to c-sections there’s the rise in people using IVF to have children. So birthdays can actually be planned out, give or take a few days, to say, avoid certain astrological signs and/or holidays. (…I mean, who needs another gemini in their life, afterall!?)


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