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I wish we could be contrarian here, but of all the product types we track and review on this site, hands down the most fascinating research I’ve done over the years is diving into the double edged safety razor vs cartridge razor debate. If you did a simple Google search on the topic, for example, you might walk away thinking that the double edged safety razor is some type of panacea for common shaving skin issues like blackheads and irritation. After being very excited to try one and putting many through the test over a period of months, I’m here to tell you that it’s not.


There is a reason why technology advances and why cartridge razors are the most popular form of razor on the planet: they are the most convenient and provide the largest margin for error. While a good double edged safety razor can give you an epically close shave, it takes a lot more time/focus to do it and the chances of you walking away each time with several cuts is very high.

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